ZeptoRacer 1.1.3

Retro Micro Machines-style racing games


  • It presents a challenge!


  • Awkward to control
  • Poor graphics

Not bad

If you were a fan of the tiny top-down console racing games like Micro Machines then you might like to download ZeptoRacer for your Android device.

ZeptoRacer sees you take control of a miniature car and race around a series of tracks against three other computer-controlled miniature cars. Before you start haring around the course you can watch a demo of a race to give you an idea of the route.

You'd be very wise to do this because working out which way you need to go is one of the major challenges of ZeptoRacer, as there is no sign-posting as to the direction you should be going. Of course, you could just follow the other cars but this isn't that easy either. That's because the cars in ZeptoRacer are far too difficult to control. There are a number of factors that contribute to the near impossibility of the game - the steering is very sensitive, the car moves too fast when you're on the track, the car moves too slow when you're off the track, and the computer-controlled vehicles rarely make mistakes.

You could argue that this makes ZeptoRacer a challenging arcade game. It does, but for all the wrong reasons, and if you're anything like me you'll get sick of it after just a few attempts at getting round the track.

The graphics in ZeptoRacer don't help to redeem the game either. The level of detail is minimal and the colors are far too garish for my liking.

Only those who are passionate about mini car racers and have the patience to perfect the controls will get anything from ZeptoRacer.



ZeptoRacer 1.1.3

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